This website and Open Letter are the initiative of Jon Worth. Jon is an alumnus of the College of Europe in Bruges (2003-04) and has been teaching at the Politics Department of the College of Europe in Bruges since 2014. You can find out more about Jon on his blog here. The Open Letter was made public on 7 May 2020.


Background about the recruitment procedure for the new Rector of the College of Europe

What is expected of the Rector, and the timetable for the first round of interviews, can be found in the job advertisement. The Decision of European Commission about this matter is here.


Official Line of the College of Europe

Prior to the 14 May meeting of the Academic Council: “The College of Europe is in the process of appointing a new rector. Once this process is completed the name of the successful candidate will be announced via our media channels.”

Press Release 15 May, post-Academic Council, can be found here – PDF file.


Press about the issue

Le Collège d’Europe accusé de « copinage »” – Ouest France, 20.5.2020

Trafika, tvrdí kritici o funkci pro Mogheriniovou. Pro post rektorky prestižní školy nemá podle nich kvalifikaci” – Hospodářské noviny, 19.5.2020

Federica Mogherini au Collège d’Europe, copinage accompli !” – Libération, 17.5.2020

Pushte Van Rompuy Mogherini als rector?” – De Standaard, 16.5.2020

Mogherini primo rettore italiano e donna al Collegio di Bruges. I colleghi insinuano: «Poca trasparenza»” – Corriere della Sera, 15.5.2020

L’accession problématique de Federica Mogherini à la tête du Collège d’Europe, à Bruges” – Le Monde, 15.5.2020

Duwde Van Rompuy Mogherini door als rector Europacollege?” – De Standaard, 15.5.2020

Mogherini gets nod to be College boss despite cronyism complaints” – Politico Europe, 14.5.2020

Van Rompuy en Mogherini beschuldigd van vriendjespolitiek bij benoeming Europese topjob” – Business AM, 13.5.2020

Mogherini’s College application prompts cries of cronyism” – Politico Europe, 13.5.2020

Collège d’Europe : l’ombre de Van Rompuy” – Le Vif, 6.5.2020

European Commission defends Mogherini appointment as College of Europe rector” – Parliament Magazine, 6.5.2020

L’Union européenne soigne ses anciens dirigeants” – Libération, 26.4.2020